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 Acupuncture Union Square • Therapeutic herbal bath

Therapeutic herbal bath

Therapeutic bath

The hydrotherapy is the well-known cost effective remedy in Eastern and Western cultures. It has been developed as the one of Traditional Asian Medicine treatment methods, which can be applied for detoxifying, pain relief, weight control, and clarifying the skin depending on the characteristic of diseases. There are important 3 components for therapeutic bath remedies, one is the herbal formulation which can be prescribed followed by conditions, another is water temperature and duration(time, frequency), and the other is the applied location; whole body immersion, half body bath, foot bath, hand bath, eye bath, etc..

Before prescribing the bath herbal formula, practitioners will ask questions and diagnose the symptoms and sign with the traditional medicine criteria prior to make a treatment plan.
The treatment plan will show the terms of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ; Upper Jiao, Middle Jiao, Lower Jiao, Deficiency, Excess and stagnation.
These terms are including the common conditions such as edema, myalgia, dermatitis, and venous insufficiency.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Benefits of herbal bath treatments

A bath itself has the enormous effects on our body and spirit while it makes to calm the mind and relax the musculoskeletal tension as well as aids a good night sleep. The hydrotherapy can be use either relaxing or stimulating the blood circulation and nerve system; peripheral and central nerve system.

Benefits of herbal bath treatments

Caution and contraindication

This therapeutic bath is the medicinal remedy and needs pre-consultation with a practitioner.

herbal bath treatments

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