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 Acupuncture Union Square • Ja-Hun (Moxa Shower)

Ja-Hun (Moxa Shower)

Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineJa-Hun (Hyperthermal therapy for urogenital and rectal area) is the one of treatment methods handed down from ancient Asia. Ja-Hun is not just using heat for therapy alone but also combining with well known Traditional Eastern Medicinal herb, Moxa (Mugwort). Heat has long been recognized as an effective tool for pain management and relaxing muscle and managing of hemorrhoids.

In the same way, heat is an appropriate method for relieving prostate problems for men. And, mugwort, (also known as artemesia vulgaris or Ai Ye,
) has been used as a folk remedy. It specially effects of increasing blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus, and it also warms womb to help relieving menstrual pain and regulating the cycles. Recent research in TCM shows that moxa use in treating breech births and menstrual cramps.


The Ja-Hun therapy provides heat directly to the urogenital and anal canal, relaxing the muscle in the areas and promoting venous circulation to encourage the natural healing process.

In Korean cultures, Ja-Hun is not only traditional medicine treatment method but also "the wisdom gained from life." Following Korean grandmother's quote, "if you don't want to have gynecologic problem, ignite on A-Guing-I (stove) and keep it all day." A Gung Yi is a fire Place for Ondol which is underfloor heating; using direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick stone floor. The traditional ondol was heated by mainly rice paddy straws, dried weeds, or any kind of dried firewood.

A woman's place, the kitchen was also the important spot for sharing of culture and educating younger ones. While preparing meal for family, woman sits on the front of Agungi and takes the natural heat therapy from it. Agungi's heat transfers to ondol floor which can provide cozy and warm to family for relaxing muscle at night. Since Korean houses have been westernized, it is not easy to find that traditional on-dol is built in housing unit now. However, Korean style sauna, called zzim jil bang(heat stone room sauna), is the most popular place to get together with family and friends enjoying relaxation and detoxifying from busy life in Korea.

Benefits for Ja-Hun

Union Square acupuncture clinic provides Ja-Hun treatment to patients after full diagnosing with high qualified and selected Moxa.

Aimee's Family Moxa Shower Party


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