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 Acupuncture Union Square • Varicose Vein, Leg spider vein

Varicose Vein, Leg spider vein

Vein and muscle
Venous system is related with skeletal muscle and its flexibility. As muscle contract, the venous blood is pushed forwarded in the veins. And the muscle relax, the valves of vein shut to prevent blood from flowing backward. Prolonged standing, sitting, high heel, bad posture, temperature or hormonal change such as menstruation can exacerbate the chronic venous disease symptoms. These symptoms include heaviness of legs, pain, numbness, bulging, itching, bluish color, cramps, and tingling.

There are 2 main manifested syndromes clinically. One is that vein walls become weak, damaged or blocked. The other is that the valves are stretched or injured, then the blood begins to flow backward when the muscle relax.

Vein and lymph system are depending on muscle movement of extremities. Once muscle contracted eccentric or concentric chronically, the area is started to have the symptoms, local swelling, and superficial vein near the surface of the skin.
Lymph fluid congestion of the leg can effect on the limitation of movement with heavy feeling. It can discourage to move or exercise, and the static lifestyle makes worsen those venous insufficient symptoms.
Moxibustion with muscle meridian acupuncture may help to reduce the symptoms and pain with several sessions. 


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