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Postpartum Care

* Postpartum care Postpartum care in TCM

A woman's anatomy, physiology, and psychology are all directly affected by her pregnancy. Conception, pregnancy, delivery and parenting, these sequences are naturally flowed like river and are given to family as a  beautiful  productivity. In a real life, most mothers are willing to sacrifice their body and mind to take care of her baby , of course with joy and happiness, though some are suffering disorders emotionally and physically. Medical assistants say that woman’s body after delivering should go back to non- pregnant state within 2-3 months or her reproductive organ returns to a normal size. These standardards are not always counted to all women who have different condition and situation.

In Eastern culture, postpartum care is considered as the one of most important care for a new mom because they believe mother’s health directly influences on children and family. While delivering a baby or babies, a mother spends her essential energy and loses lots of blood regardless of normal or complicated delivery. Recovering from childbirth and taking care of a baby requires more energy and needs to be care herself.

Tiredness, fatigue and depression are the expected symptoms few weeks after childbirth, but it presents after several weeks then the mother may have the anemia, the TCM term of “Blood and Qi deficiency or Qi and Blood stagnation”. Anemia is not only involving iron deficiency, but also relating with other problem associated in Traditional Eastern Medicine. TCM or K-medicine practitioners will provide the helpful resources including a tailored herbal medicine, food and bath therapy, postpartum woman’s body reshaping and breastfeeding nutritional tips.

* Postpartum and body reshaping

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman’s body. As fetus is growing, the uterus is expanding 500 times more its original size. During the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, visceral organs are moving more side to side for making an enough room for a growing baby rather than rapid physiologic changes during 1st trimester.

Bloating, indigestion, shallow breathing, constipation, frequent urination and back pain are major symptoms of physical changes expected head to toe in these 2nd and 3rd terms. It’s also influenced on a body shape such as spinal lordosis, raising rib cages, a tucked chin and swollen legs. Body tends to be back to non-pregnant state after few weeks of childbirth, however postpartum women feel that their body is stayed on the same somewhat despite of the hard trial with exercise and diet.

Now, we are introducing the efficient body reshaping treatment with acupuncture, herbal medicines, moxibustion, GIR (Gastrointestinal Resuscitation) and visceral manipulation. These treatments can help you to recover your body shape fast as well as feel better while relaxing muscle, adjusting the intestinal ligament and peritoneum, unblocking the qi and blood stagnation and correcting the posture for easy breathing.

* Treatment

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