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 Acupuncture Union Square • GIR: Gastro-Intestinal Resuscitation

GIR: Gastro-Intestinal Resuscitation

Reset- GI (Gastro-Intestinal) GIR

Gastro-Intestinal Resuscitation 

is the procedure for reviving and reeducating the mechanical function of gastro-intestinal system with Traditional Chinese Medicinal methods such as acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and abdominal tension massage. gir Gastro-intestinal Resuscitation (GIR) not only  restores gastrointestinal functions, but also fosters emotional relaxation through improved abdominal breathing. Our gut is connected to our brain and nerve system as well as our hormonal system,  major emotions, comfort/discomfort, and our levels of anxiety or serenity. Traditional Eastern Medicine teaches practitioners to focus first on the stomach and gut (middle jiao) to get qi moving.  Once middle abdominal section is soft and has enough room for abdominal breathing, then the  qi starts moving more smoothly through all body channels. It is not easy to breathe with the abdomen for someone because sometimes body conditions do not allow it influenced by habit, stress, body posture or ailments. GIR is the excellent non-invasive treatment procedure for the patients who have chronic distension, constipation, idiopathic back pain, and cold abdomen etc. GIR2 Abdominal tension Driving is not always stressful, but it drives the psychological tension from unpredictable incidents as well as immobility in limited maneuvered area. And we are spending most times on keyboarding sitting position or more narrowing phone finger keyboarding position while we try to read small letter on electric browser. Many people are spending times freezing the tension sitting position. These make us to breathe shallowly by chest, which is exacerbating the anxiety, anxious stress feeling. Shallow breathing can cause faster heartbeat and muscle tension. Or simply overeating makes distended belly. GIR GIR Procedures   1. Gentle palpation on abdomen (check the temperature on abdominal surface) 2. Light pressure for checking firmness or tension on abdomen 3. Gentle pressure on abdomen while moving the indirect moxibustion 4. Abdominal breathing after relaxing   body type formular2   There are many good  home remedy products you can purchase.   Heat-Moxa-Stone-Pressure kit is composed of  traditional healing methods and modern technology for self-care. images (8)

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