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 Acupuncture Union Square • Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Complexion Diagnosis

Face diagnosis is an important part of the observation in Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM). It is considered that the body of human as an inseparable whole and the face is just like a mirror that reflects physiological function and pathological changes in TOM. The pathological changes of Zang-Fu (organs and viscera) can be directly diagnosed by inspecting the changes of complexion and eye expression.


Following the Huang Di Nei Jing which is an ancient Chinese medical text treated as the fundamental doctrinal source; Ling Shu,The Qi and blood of the 12 primary channels and the 365 network vessels ascend to the face. This statement emphasizes the importance of the complexion as a reflection of the general state of health.

Facial Balance Acupuncture

Facial cosmetic acupuncture and rejuvenation treatment have been performed exclusively to Emperor's wives and mistresses, the noble and the wealthy family in Eastern countries for thousands of years. The written record has been handed down from the Sun Dynasty over 800 years ago. In Korea, acupuncture meridian massage is the one of most popular method for anti-aging and promoting blood circulation on face even now.

Facial Balance Acupuncture protocol has been created and has given us the success seen by before and after clinical results. Facial Balance Acupuncture utilizes a combination of modalities including acupuncture, herbal formula, Gua Sha, and heating methods for helping outer appearance as well as inner health. Before these treatments for you, our practitioners will diagnose underlying the causes of imbalance and work to correct the root. TOM diagnosis techniques include pulse, tongue observation, face examination and questioning for identifying and treating the major organ imbalances in the body that cause the aging and skin imperfections (wrinkles and fine lines are appeared if there is imbalances in the body). Facial Balance Acupuncture treats the appearance as well as the inner beauty, body and mind.


The Facial Balance Cosmetic Acupuncture Program is a non-surgical and painless method of reducing the signs of aging. It is a series of 10-12 treatment sessions consisting of acupuncture, facial gua sha, and facial rolling. An herbal formula and supplement may also be recommended not only for beauty, but also for overall constitutional health. Fine lines may be entirely erased, deeper lines reduced and bags around neck and eyes firmed.

Periodic maintenance follow-up visits are highly recommended to maintain longer lasting results.

The treatments are given once a week or twice a week for optimal and faster results.

Features of Balance Cosmetic Acupuncture (BCA)

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