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 Acupuncture Union Square • BRD Weight Loss

BRD Weight Management

Union Square Acupuncture provides a special dietary plan for balancing body and weight management.

Weight management


  • For achieving success with weight management, our body requires at least 3 months to change the underlying habits that determine food choices. Union Square clinic provides 10 +2 weeks program to initiate your goal plan with physical balancing activity, tailored nutritional consultation, and body reshaping treatment based on the improvement of metabolic rate.


Treatment Methods

    • Muscle Meridian Needling technique
    • Detox-Moxibustion
    • Fire Cupping
    • High Radio Frequency
    • Infrared Heat
    • GIR (Gastro-Intestinal Resuscitation)
    • Warm Oil - Gua Sha
    • Reset Detox Diet consultation
    • Balancing Motion Exercise


There are many reasons people become overweight; hormone imbalances, slowed metabolism, overeating, poor nutrition, stress and lack of exercise. In TCM etiology of obesity/overweight,  there are 2 different types which are excess and deficient patterns caused by malfunctioning and unbalancing of  Lung, Spleen, Kidney and San Jiao. 

  •  Excess pattern : phlegm damp, phlegm heat
  •  Deficient pattern : SP/ST deficient, Yuan Qi (Original Qi) deficient
Each pattern has different manifestation depending on individual symptoms and signs underlying imbalances. Before tailoring your weight management program, our practitioners will take into consideration of your age, diet, emotions, digestion, lifestyle, family medical history accompanying signs and symptoms.


* Diagnosing your condition and your body type in TCM

Sa Sang Constitutional medicine theory is the one of diagnosing methods which has developed in Korea since 1894. Our practioners will ask several questions for figuring out your typology test during the first intake session.

* Analyzing your body composition with the method of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, XBIA 500 which accurately measures outputs such as body fat, lean body mass, and body water levels, without dependency on empirical estimations. Understand how diet, lifestyle, and exercise regime influence body composition. Knowing what regimen works for each individual can help them target and reach wellness, appearance, and longevity goals.

By regularly monitoring body fat, and muscle mass or muscular development, you can better understand how your progression of body condition.

* Weight management program provides 6 categolized treatment plans. 

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