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 Acupuncture Union Square • Body Reshaping Program

Body Reshaping Program

Body Reshaping without surgery


A measured weight can be a useful number to know while you want to lose weight but outer appearance gives you more satisfaction from changing your body shape. There is one sure and safe method to look slimmer and feel better immediately, which is to stand up straight. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has introduced many ways to control weight and prevent diseases.

With experimented diagnosis and traditional modalities such as acupuncture for muscle balance, cupping for cellulite, moxibustion for reducing abdominal fat, many experienced practitioners are treating patients for their well-being. Based on 6 different body types, the body reshaping program is applied to weight conscious patients in Union Square Acupuncture clinic by Jeonhee Jang M.Ed., L.Ac.

The body reshaping program consists of 10 consecutive treatment sessions every once a week. 6 Body types/ body reshaping is the unique and non-invasive treatment method integrating both Western and Eastern medicinal approaches. Our body system operates with 3 major metabolic balances including pressure, temperature, and glucose, and maintains water balance, thermoregulation, and energy balance. Once our body system is out of balance, minor to major disorder can occur and develop severe diseases if not treated.

Body reshaping using a customized approach to individual symptoms and signs. types1
Body reshaping treatment provides reset detox diet plan to patients during 10 week program.  If you have more information, please contact to Union Square acupuncture clinic.

An individual’s body shape is inherited from both parents. Basic size and proportion cannot be changed literally since it is sophisticated phenomenon. Post–natal Qi in TCM terminology, nutrition or environment may influence the growing height, weight, or potential health. A person’s figure is characterized by the form of skeletal structures, the distribution of muscles and fat. Especially, there are many distinguishable body changes during puberty when body development is dominated by hormonal involvement for reproductive, fat distribution, and muscle mass.
There are distinct anatomic and physiologic differences between men and women in this period. For example, women have a greater percentage of body fat than men. Most of the additional body fat is distributed in their hips and lower body whereas most men carry additional subcutaneous fat in their abdomen and upper body.

Once body develops, body shape is mostly affected by body fat distribution, which is correlated to current levels of sex hormones. Depends on food habits, exercises and hormone levels, muscles and fat distribution may change unlike bone structure. Skeletal muscle can produce joint movements through concentric and eccentric movements. An inappropriate posture results in muscle imbalance from certain muscles shortening with tension while others lengthen or weaken.

It often occurs as a result of one’s daily activities and habit such as occupational repetitive activities, habitual poor postures, or psychosocial stress factors. Higher job stress makes to hold breath as a natural reaction from deep concentrations. Prolonged shallow breathing is not good for health and even generates other body stress and tension. Correcting posture in childhood and adolescence is a good way to prevent an abnormal bone growth and avoid future problems. Idiopathic scoliosis is more prevalent in young girls than boys. Normally, idiopathic scoliosis does not cause pain. Any back pain in association with scoliosis requires further investigation because this could be associated with a syrinx, disk herniation, tethered cord, tumor, or spondylosis.
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