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Food therapy

Reading Food Labels

1074419_526244897440639_886627623_o Foods that are in packaging or containers will often have a Nutrition Facts panel on its side or back. The Nutrition Facts panel provides the nutritional value of the food. This information is helpful when determining healthy food choices. By reading food labels, you will find out the serving size of a food and how many servings the package has. You will also find information about the calorie and fat content, as well as the amount of carbohydrate, and vitamins and minerals. Food labels are a great reference for you to use to learn about the food you are eating. BREAKING DOWN THE FOOD LABEL Serving Size:The serving size is an amount of food and is often listed in cups, weight, or units. All of the nutrition information about the food is listed according to the serving size. If you double the serving size, you must double the amounts on the label. Servings per Container or Package:The number of servings in the container is listed here. Calories:The number of calories in one serving is listed here. Everyone needs a different amount of calories each day. Having calories listed on the label is helpful information for people who would like to keep track of the number of calories they eat to stay at a healthy weight. Calories from Fat:The number of calories that come from fat in one serving are listed here. 

Food therapy andTraditional Eastern Medicine


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