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 Acupuncture Union Square • Myofascial Pain

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain is "muscle pain" and a chronic condition that affects the fascia (connective tissue covering the muscles). It associated with trigger or tender point (similar to A-shi point in TCM) which is hypersensitive area palpable nodules on the muscle taut band. Trigger, A-shi points are sometimes differentiated with 2 types. One is active and the other is dormant spots, the former is that patients can feel the exact pain and complaint with it, the latter is that patients can feel the pain during diagnose with the palpation of referred pain area.

For accurate diagnosis for myofascial pain, practitioner will palpate along the affected whole muscle meridian. The 12 muscle regions, the conduits which distribute the qi and blood of the 12 main meridians to nourish the muscles, possess the function of connecting all the bones and joints of the body and maintaining the normal range of motion. In the treatment of disease, the muscle regions are mainly indicated in muscular problems, such as the bi syndrome, contracture, stiffness, spasm and muscular atropy.

Heart Primary channel and Heart Muscle channel

A-shi point needling (Trigger point) is invasive method inserting acupuncture needle into skin and muscle on the tender spots directly. Releasing the taut band with needling can help to stretching the muscle fibers which are used to reduce the pain instantly.

Treatment Plan


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