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 Acupuncture Union Square • Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Many people suffer with lower back pain, and people are searching for the effective and economical treatments. Back pain is not the disease name but the symptom which up to 50% of people are knocking the doctor's door to get rid of. The cause of back pain is varied, but there is often no specific cause defined then the pain will stop. It is not surprising to treat low back pain with acupuncture and moxa treatment anymore in western culture. Traditional Eastern Medicine has been used to effective and successful way to treat low back pain over thousands years. Even now, most Koreans go to TEM doctor's office first whenever they have low back pain.

Following the duration or the onset of pain, acute and chronic lower back pain are differentiated with underlying different causes.

And following the muscle and joint tones and pathologic patterns, 3 different pain types are stated with the symptoms and signs.


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