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 Acupuncture Union Square • Chronic Pain / FMS

Chronic Pain / FMS

Acupuncture and Chronic Pain

Acupuncture and Chronic PainChronic pain syndrome refers to persistent pain that usually has no identifiable source and involves multiple factors. One of well-known chronic pain, fibromyalgia is wide spread pain which complains various symptoms, descriptions, and pain scales. It reported more women than men frequently. Fibromyalgia has been defined well and is characterized by multiple tender points, chronic pain in whole body, sleep disturbance, depression, fatigue and mental stress etc.

Doctors diagnose the FMS which has specific 18 points on body. When it touched with light pressure, the patients feel abnormal pain on the spots. In acupuncture meridian theory, one of the diagnosing methods is the palpation or pressure on the acupuncture point. Most 18 points are correspondent with acupuncture points each area.

1.UB10 , 2.ST9 3.GB21,SJ15 4.SI12,SI13 5.ST15 6.LI11 7.UB52 8.GB2,30 9.SP10

In TCM, fibromyalgia pattern can be distinguished by underlying symptoms of each patient. There are several patterns for fibromyalgia and it has one or more patterns combined.


Common patterns for Fibromyalgia

Common patterns for Fibromyalgia


Chronic muscle pain can be treated with a-shi point needling followed by muscle meridians, fire cupping, heat therapy, and herbal formula depending on symptoms and signs.

Chronic muscle pain can be treated

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