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 Acupuncture Union Square • Auto Injury

Auto Injury

Motor Vehicle Collision

It is common to have multiple bruises and sore muscles after a MVC (Motor Vehicle Collision). These tend to feel worse for the first 24 hours.
You may have more stiffness and soreness over the next several hours or days. It may be worse when you wake up the first morning after your accident. After this point, you will usually begin to improve with each passing day.

The tissue damage is seen to be a mechanical obstruction to qi and blood flow, which results in stagnation. One of the healing processes in body, inflammation also attributes to the congestion in localized symptom area. This is not only meaning of hematologic symptom.

Myofascial trigger point, mainly pain area due to overload, is the example of stagnation in musculoskeletal tissue.

Following the accident, if some part of your body does not work or feel as it should, or if the pain in any area continues to increase, you should seek medical attention.

The traumatic shock is affected to internal organ tension, indigestion and depression.



The mechanism of injury is the result of the sudden acceleration of the body forward, forcing the neck to hyperextend backward, causing injury to ligaments, muscles, bone, and/or intervertebral disk.
At the end of the accident the head is thrust forward in a flexion position, sometimes causing injury to the cervical spine: C5-C6-C7.

Physical findings & clinical presentation

• Pain not present initially but usually develops hours to a few days later
• Neck tightness and stiffness
• Occipital headache
• Shoulder, arm, and back pain
• Numbness in the arms
• Tinnitus
• Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
• Dysphagia (retropharyngeal hematoma)
• Decreased range of motion of the neck
• Depressive symptoms.

“In-Between” Neurogenic and Non-Neurogenic Pain Syndrome—Whiplash Injury



Acupuncture can help to relieve an acute or chronic pain and release the muscle tension which affect to calm mind.

Herbal formula

Herbal formula helps to dispel blood stasis, invigorate blood from trauma as well as stimulate regenerating tendon and ligament.

Moxibustion/ Hyperthermal therapy

Hyper-thermal therapies increase blood flow to areas of injury and warm areas where cold accumulates. It also effects to relax soft tissue internally and musculoskeletal tissue.

Fire Cupping

Cupping brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation. And fire cupping can help to relive musculoskeletal tension and pain.

“When the qi and blood flow freely, there is no pain.”

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