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Moxa Oil Gua Sha

Posted May 27, 2015
Moxa Oil Gua Sha

Moxa Oil Gua Sha is an unique and non-invasive treatment method. It hepls to get rid of lymphatic congestion and body wrinkle expecially between the waist and hip, shoulder and armpit etc. And It is frequently used for Cutaneous Meridian (Channel) Treatment for Body Reshaping. 

Cutaneous meridian connects the external surface ( outer skin ) of the body to the internal organs, the upper body to the lower body, and the extremities to the trunk, within which, qi and blood flow.
There are 12 cutaneous channel on our body but we made 6 channels for diagnosis and treaments plan. 

 As the Suwen describes, "The skin region belongs to the system of regular channels"
And we can diagnosis with the observation of colors on channel such as Blue colored skin : local pain, dark colored skin : blockage of qi and blood, yellow to red colored skin : heat syndromes, white colored skins : cold syndromes. 

Balancing of temperature, color, tugor on our skin surface is the starting point of body reshaping.


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Moxa Oil Gua Sha

moxa oil gua sha
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