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Moxa oil

Posted April 7, 2015
Union Square acupuncture therapies have been developed to maximize patients’ healing results for simple, effective and body natural transforming experiences.
With licensed acupuncturists  in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and masters of energy medicine such as Rei-ki, each signature therapy consists of both relaxing and stimulating, acupuncture treatment for body reshaping followed by muscle meridian, cupping therapy and Gua Sha with the therapeutic benefits of custom made Moxa cream oil which created by Jeonhee Jang L.Ac. Ed.M.  Each session begins with a thorough diagnosis procedure for personal and current state of symptoms. Patients will be provided with nutritional and exercise or bath guidance, in order to extend the beneficial effects of the program at home. Special Moxa soap and oil will be prepared for you upon your practitioner’s request.
We offer an excellent treatments blending Eastern traditions with modern techniques in our new contemporary styling facilities. 


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