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Body reshaping through muscle and skin meridian

Posted May 15, 2016

Body Reshaping through Muscle and Skin Meridian Therapy: An Introduction to ​6 Body Types

Jeonhee Jang

Reference - 179 Pages - 50 B/W Illustrations 
ISBN 9781498758734 - CAT# K27657

  • Provides the TCM tools and techniques needed for practitioner-guided wellness or at-home wellness understanding and maintenance
  • Shows how to treat chronic pain, posture or circulation problems, loss or redistribution of weight for wellness, and temperature and glucose regulation
  • Offers a full guide to "body type" evaluation for muscle meridian therapy
  • Presents a "passive" therapy method (like massage or acupuncture) to complement "active" therapies (like physical therapy and exercise)
  • Covers concepts that are highly individualized yet very "whole body" for physical restoration and balance

Table of Contents

Body Reshaping for Health and Beauty

Perfect 10
Learning from Man’s Best Friend
Balancing and Reshaping Your Body
Body Posture
Having a Healthy Body Shape
Beauty Is Not Only Skin Deep
Skin and Thermoregulation
Subcutaneous Fat
Food, Fitness, and Fat
Resetting Your Digestive System
And You Thought Losing Weight Was Simple?

A First Look at the Meridian System in TCM
Understanding the Essentials (Qi and Meridian)
Obesity Is Developed Step by Step
Spleen Functions in TCM
Body Cavities and Body Fluids
Healthy Habits and Circadian Rhythm
Circadian Rhythms and the Meridian Clock
Sleep and Wakefulness: Homeostatic Balance
Parallels between Asian and Western Medicine

Who Can Benefit from This Treatment?
Weight Loss or Diet Life versus my Life
Body Reshaping and Successful Health Regimens
Subcutaneous Fat
Post-Childbirth Complications
Caesarean Section
Adhesion-Related Disorder
Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
Major Scars
Peripheral Neuropathies
Emotional Expression by the Body
Depression and Anxiety
Medication History Complications: Allergy Medication

Body Posture and Homeostasis
Chinese Medicine, Balance, and Homeostasis
Wu Xing
TCM Life Cycles
Eight Principles: Pattern of Body Balance Identification
Immune Function and Thermoregulation
Understanding Body Homeostasis and Metabolism
Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Six Body Types
Purpose of Differentiation
Treat Branches and Roots
Criteria of the Six Body Types
Characteristics of the Six Body Types
Type P
Type T
Type S
Postural Characteristics

Anatomical Approach: Types M1, M2, and M3
Type M1
Type M2
Type M3

Muscle Meridian Therapy and Skin Cutaneous Therapy
What are Muscle and Sinew Meridians and Cutaneous Meridians?
Muscle Meridian Treatments for Six Body Type Groups
Cutaneous Meridians

Treatment Methods
Clinical Setting
Home Setting

Specific Clinical Cautions and Applications
Muscle Meridian Acupuncture Needling
Gastrointestinal Resuscitation and Moxa Treatment
Moxa Oil and Gua Sha

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