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Body Reshaping Testimonial - Union Square Acupuncture Clinic

Posted January 17, 2014

In terms of my physical health, Jeonhee Jang is the person I go to first if any ailment arises. It used to be I was in and out of the doctor's office complaining of this pain or that ache. I often received little comfort and even less effective solutions. Jeonhee is often able to explain why I am feeling this way or that. An ache or a pain, coughing or hives tend to be signs of my body healing itself. When I understand changes in this way, my anxiety lifts and I let myself be.


While undergoing treatment with Jeonhee, I have seen my body begin to learn its true shape and also gain a sense of what it means to be in a relaxed state.


The first major change I noticed was with my back. Before seeing Jeonhee, there was no line down the middle. My shoulders had very little definition. There was no scoop at the small of my back. It now looks like a back I might see depicted in a painting. My boyfriend tells me how much he loves it.


Then came my neck and shoulders. My shoulders dropped down. They are still a work in progress. But Jeonhee has made it her mission to reverse the effects of years of sitting hunched over a desk. My neck has a much greater range of motion.


Then to my ribcage. I would say it has dropped down at least 3 inches. Maybe even 4. That was a painful process, but having endured it, I am happy to say my ribcage is now working to form a waist, something I have not had for 15 years or more.


My breasts have always been too big for my taste. They are now a more manageable size and also shapelier. Its shocking to me how she has been able to drain entire sacs that caused my breasts to bulk up to a very large size.


My intestines used to be spread out, making my sides jut out. Now they are relocating inward, helping form an inward curve.


Before I began seeing Jeonhee, I just assumed the state my body was in was just something I had to live with. I had no idea so much change could come without plastic surgery – something I would likely never consider.


I am not yet done with my treatments with Jeonhee, but I can safely say she has shown me that I can have a body that I can be proud of. At moments, I can even see that I am sexy. Glimpsing that confidence has been truly life changing.



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